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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Difference between VLAN Tagged, Untagged and Exclude

Many people confusing the difference between TAGGED, UNTAGGED and EXCLUDE when configuring VLAN.

Especially with VLAN configuration in HP Procurve Switch, So do i.
It so made me confuse, because it's quite different  with another common switch platform, where VLAN which need to be tagged to the port as either with access or trunk.

For the sample in cisco switch, if we want to tagging VLAN in one port or more so we just need tag that VLAN to the port, it's clear and so simply, but not with this HP Procurve Switch. because we need to determine all ports in each VLAN which added on switch.

There are terms for VLAN in HP Procurve switch, such as Untag, Tagged and Exclude, here is my definitions about mean of it :
1. Untag    : Port which configured access and tagged with specific VLAN
2. Tagged    : Port which already tagged with another VLAN
3. Exclude    : Port which exist with no one of VLAN ID, ussualy configured with Trunk

To make this describe clearly, let we see in this scenario.

In HP Procurve we have 24 ports and there is exist 2 VLAN ID; which are VLAN 10 and 20 with VLAN allocation on port below :

Port 1-12 for VLAN 10
Port 13-23 for VLAN 20
Port 24 set as Trunk

Then the configuration on HP Procurve switch will looks like below :

port 1-12 untagged
port 13-23 tagged
port 24 exclude all

port 1-12 tagged
port 13-23 untagged
port 24 exclude all

port 24

This is knowledge, experience and what i got from my friends about configuration in HP Procurve v1810-24g, likely the concept of this VLAN is similar with Switch of Dell and others.

(Spare time at Office on 1 October 2014)

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